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The Big Green Egg, the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. Big Green Egg users are challenged to excel in their culinary ambitions, no matter if they are just starting or already are true professionals. Our accessories are designed with this ambition in mind. Making grilling on the Big Green Egg as comfortable as possible, eliminating distraction for a complete focus on the cooking. Our tools & accessories will give you the ultimate Big Green Egg Experience.

Plate Lifter

This tool is developed to lift the Plate Setter or Conveggtor from a Big Green Egg. When using your Big Green Egg the Plate Setter can reach extremely high temperatures. After the struggle of getting the Plate Setter from your Egg, hopefully without burning your hands, you have to get it somewhere safe. Those heat resisting gloves won't help you too long however. The Egguipment Plate Grabber lets you take your time to get the Plate Setter somewhere safe. You don't want the risk of burning pets or loved ones because you decided to put the Plate Setter next to the Big Green Egg in a hurry.

Drip Pan

A multi-functional, high quality Drip Pan. Use the pan to cook or grill on the grid, or to catch juices underneath the grid (even more perfect together with our Drip Pan frame). Ideal to use for preparing a Sitting Chicken or a pile of spareribs (als check our Sparerib Spiral)! Double enameled with a perfect finishing. The Egguipment Drip Pan for Big Green Egg® doesn’t only look good but is an essential accessory for the true outdoor cook. Available for the Medium and Large Big Green Egg®.

Drip Pan With Frame

Fat and juices dripping from your meat onto the ConvEggtor® will make your Egg start smoking and smelling. Especially when you are slow cooking this can really spoil your diner. And what about those lovely juices that are wasted while they could be used for your gravies and sauces. With our Drip Pan you can catch those juices before they get a chance to burn. This will keep your expensive ConvEggtor® clean and those lovely juices preserved for further use. Made to fit your Egg perfectly and easy to use with our Plate Lifter.

Sparerib Spiral

Ever had a party or a group friends over and wondered what to cook them from your Big Green Egg? Stop looking, our Sparerib Spiral is the solution to your problem. The key is not thinking horizontal, but vertical! There is only limited space on your grid. Laying your spareribs (or saucages, or pork chops) on your grid will only let you cook a limited number at once. But what if you use the height of the Egg and place the products vertically, this will quadruple the cooking surface!


The Toolbar is developed to hang your tools directly within reach. It's very frustrating when your tongs or spatula are out of reach when you need them! The Egguipment Toolbar is a beautiful and very useful solution for hanging your tools when grilling. made of beatiful stainless steel with 6 hooks, the Toolbar becomes an essential part of your Big Green Egg.

Big green egg tool bar


Our Grid is developed to replace the original grid in your Big Green Egg. The Grid has multiple advantages but the biggest is that you can put your firestarters under your charcoal instead. Just put one in your ashtray and your Egg will be ready to cook in 8 minutes. No more dirty hands, easy lighting and ready to cook twice as fast. A smart upgrade to make your grilling even smarter.

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You can find our products at your favourite Big Green Egg dealer in the Netherlands or Belgium. If you are a Big Green Egg dealer but you are not selling our products, contact your distributor below. If you are a distributor or dealer from another country and if you are interested in selling our unique, beautiful and self-selling products, contact us!


Dutry & Co
Jagershoek 10
8570 Vichte

Tel: +32 56 776 090
Email: info@dutry.com
Website: dutry.be


Badé B.V.
Drukkerij 7
4651 SL Steenbergen

Tel: +31 (0)167-566 665
Email: info@bade.biz
Website: bade.biz


Big Green Egg Slovensko, s.r.o.
Zámostie 180
017 01 Považská Bystrica

Tel: +421 0905 530 973
Email: info@biggreenegg.sk
Website: biggreenegg.sk


BGE d.o.o.
Zgornji Hotič 11A
SI-1270 Litija

Tel: +386 (0)1 561 29 40
Email: info@biggreenegg.si
Website: biggreenegg.si


MEBO Service
Felsenaustrasse 5
7000 Chur

Tel: +41 76 338 13 66
Email: john@greenegg.ch
Website: greenegg.ch

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