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Why you should get one?

  • It's very easy to use

  • It won't let you burn your hands

  • It is safe for you, guests, family and your expensive, breakable Plate Setter

dutch-design-egguipmentThis tool is developed to lift the Plate Setter or Conveggtor from a Big Green Egg. When using your Big Green Egg the Plate Setter can reach extremely high temperatures. After the struggle of getting the Plate Setter from your Egg, hopefully without burning your hands, you have to get it somewhere safe. Those heat resisting gloves won’t help you too long however.. The Egguipment Plate Grabber lets you take your time to get the Plate Setter somewhere safe. You don’t want the risk of burning pets or loved ones because you decided to put the Plate Setter next to the Big Green Egg in a hurry..

After a year of developing and testing we have perfected our Plate Grabber for the best usabilty. Handcrafted from solid steel and TIG welded to ensure ultimate endurance, the Egguipment Plate Grabber is there to last a lifetime. With its ‘turn and lift’ technology the Plate Setter stays in place, no chance of sliding or falling. Just leave the Plate Grabber with the Plate Setter when you find a spot to park. Putting it back in the Egg is as simple as getting it out.

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