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Why you should buy one

  • Quadruple your cooking surface

  • Wonderful stainless steel design, made to fit you Egg perfectly

  • Safe and easy to use

dutch-design-egguipmentDid you ever had a party or a group of friends over and wondered what to cook on your Big Green Egg? Look no further! Our Sparerib Spiral solves this problem. The key is not to think horizontal but vertical! There is only limited space on the grid. Cooking spareribs (or saucages or ribs) the traditional way fills your grid with ease. But what if you could use the height above the grid? By placing your product vertically in the Sparerib Spiral you quadruple your cooking surface!

Our Sparerib Spiral is made of high quality stainless steel and fits your Big Green Egg perfectly. This way you get the most out of your cooking surface.