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Why you should get one?

  • No more smell and smoke from burning fat

  • Use the juices for perfect gravy or sauce

  • Thanks to the matching frame juices won’t burn in your drip pan

  • Fits your Egg perfect, easy to use with our Plate Lifter

  • Double enameled so dishwasher proof and corrosion-free

Fat and juices dripping from your meat onto the ConvEggtor® will make your Egg start smoking and smelling. Especially when you are slow cooking this can really spoil your diner. And what about those lovely juices that are wasted while they could be used for your gravies and sauces. With our Drip Pan you can catch those juices before they get a chance to burn. This will keep your expensive ConvEggtor® clean and those lovely juices preserved for further use. Thanks to the matching frame the Drip Pan floats an inch above the Plate Setter or Conveggtor so juices won’t get a chance to stick and burn. Available for the Medium and Large Big Green Egg®. Inluding our high quality Drip Pan.